Fogless Shower Mirrors

What Is a Fogless Mirror?

One thing we find vital for taking care of ourselves while we’re in the shower is a fogless shower mirror. Hubby shaves his beard, number 1 son shaves his head, and we ladies do our legs. One or more of us is shaving in the shower on a daily basis.

The glass on the mirror is cold, and we love our warm showers, so the result is condensation and hundreds of wasted pounds as we stay in the shower wiping the mirror clean. The solution was simple – a shower mirror that doesn’t fog up!

They’re super cheap and you don’t need a plumber to install them. Some come with special glass, some have unique tricks to keep them viewable in the warm, damp shower air.

You might still need a cloth to wipe it down, but that’s more to do with the moisture than the condensation.

Fog Free Shower Mirror Benefits

There are 4 main advantages to these nifty devices:

  • They’re easy to set up. Most have powerful suction cups that simply attach to your bathroom tiles. It’s a matter of moments to get it in place.
  • They really are fogless. I mean, that’s the whole point, isn’t it!
  • Cheap. Even the most expensive one is about the price of a few coffees.
  • Long-lasting. As there’s nothing to corrode or degrade, these will last years.

Choosing the Best Fogless Shower Mirror

There are some factors you should consider before buying a fogless shower mirror:

  • Price. Some fogless shower mirrors are dirt cheap… and useless. You might want to pay a bit more to get more features and better quality. Beware crappy plastic rubbish and spend an extra fiver for something that’s better value for money long term.
  • Installation. Read the reviews to see how well the suction cups work in the real world. Not all suction cups are created equal! If you want something more… permanent… there are special adhesives that can fix things in place for years.
  • Size. These mirrors are often quite small – just big enough to shave. Don’t expect floor to ceiling mirrors! Also consider the shape – some are circular, some are rectangular. Depending on where you put them they will work worse or better for various tasks, for various people.
  • Storage Space. Some of the best ones aren’t just mirrors – they’re also added storage. Pop in some shower gels and shaving foams! Bonus.
  • Lighting. A few premium models and a couple of cheaper ones have lights around them – which is obviously useful if you like your showers thick with steam.
  • Which Anti-fog technology. There are units that have warm water inside to counteract the effects of condensation – it’s a simple solution but does mean a tiny bit of work on your part. Other methods for defogging are making the mirror out of the right metal, or covering the surface with a special coating. On cheap models that coating can erode over time.