33 Is the Happiest Age to Be

or so I read this week, according to a study by Friends Reunited.

Last Monday when I turned 33 my initial thought was ‘what a dull number’. I like even numbers and that’s a whole lot of uneven. My date of birth is 28/10/80, my Wedding Anniversary is 04/08/12, my numbers on the roulette table are always 2, 8, 10, 22, 28… so 33 wasn’t that welcome!

But then I learnt that 33 is the happiest you will ever be and it gave me hope (ignoring the fact that this may mean it’s all down hill from here!). This is my peak apparently, in more ways than one. Allegedly, I have a strong sense of self and hope. My sex life is meant to be at it’s best as I now know what I want. Us 33 year olds are supposedly aware of our strengths and talents and can look at our younger self with a happy nostalgic wry smug titter of ‘wasn’t she cute and naive bless her’, rather than beating yourself up for past choices.

I think there is something in it. I do actually feel pretty happy. Am I happier because I am now doing the job I always wanted, doing the things I always wanted or is it because I am 33 and happy with myself, which is then setting my frame of mind to achieve these lovely things.  Who knows? Who cares?! Lets just embrace 33 and own the happiness we are statistically meant to be feeling.

My thoughts on why we might be feeling our happiest;

  1. Your instincts are strong and you see through more bullcrap and can separate the wheat from the chaff
  2. The friends in your life have hopefully, like mine, been pretty life long so you have an immense ‘strong foundation’ support system
  3. You have found the balance between glamour and comfort!
  4. You know what you are into and aren’t ashamed if it’s a bit lame or embarrassing
  5. You know that good self-esteem doesn’t come from others but from yourself
  6. You know about self-preservation – avoiding things that hurt or asking questions you don’t actually want to know the answer to
  7. Your family relationships become more like friendship
  8. You aren’t so afraid to say no
  9. You are also less afraid to ask for stuff!
  10. You are far more aware of and live more solidly by a ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ approach
  11. Every Sunday isn’t wasted by a hangover but is more productive and/or fun
  12. You’re less self-conscious to say ‘I love you’, ‘You are amazing’, ‘You look fab’
  13. Your concept of ‘old’ jumps to at least 75. At least!
  14. You enjoy nature, a nice view, the scenic route, a nice wine just that little bit more
  15. You realise being grown up doesn’t mean acting ‘grown up’

Why do you think we are happier at 33?

Until tomorrow…

The Moss Letter Company