32 Things From My 32nd Year


So to wish 32 well and send it on its merry way here’s a snippet from my 32nd year. Probably the year with the most change in my whole life. Some good, some bad. I don’t keep a journal but thought this would be a great way to sum up my year each birthday and to look back and reflect.

Thanks 32 – you were pretty epic. Or, to coin my husband’s fave word at the mo, there’s a whole lot of ‘epicicity’ there.

  1. We celebrated our first wedding Anniversary
  2. I launched The Moss Letter Company
  3. My amazing Nanny passed away 🙁
  4. Stitch and bitch was born – crafting with my Aunties, lots o’ stitchin’, not much bitchin’
  5. I was made redundant
  6. I looked after my brothers dog Gizmo for 3 months – I love him like a child
  7. I shaved the side of my head
  8. We went on our first cruise around the Med
  9. I baked my first loaf of bread (I think)
  10. I launched a blog
  11. I joined Virgin gym
  12. My friend’s baby Reuben was born – whole lot of gorgeous
  13. My friend Beth got pregnant with her first baby
  14. My friend Amy moved to Australia 🙁
  15. I missed out on Glasto tickets again!
  16. We stayed in a caravan in Tenby and I drew a massive bee in the sand that could be seen from the cliffs
  17. We stayed in a floating log cabin in Essex
  18. I learnt to knit, crochet and use a sewing machine
  19. I ate what I wanted after starving myself for my wedding the year before and paid the price!
  20. I graduated from the blogcademy
  21. I climbed trees at GoApe
  22. I went to two weddings
  23. I watched Salad Days at the Bridgewater theatre with my oldest buddy (long-standing friend, he’s not 90)
  24. I had an Easter Egg hunt in my garden for all my family
  25. I got a cold that kept me in bed for 5 days
  26. We got a Nissan Qashqai – it has a see-through roof!
  27. I didn’t paint a single painting
  28. We paid off our wedding debt
  29. We ate at Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall’s restaurant – heaven on a wooden plate
  30. I bid farewell to Dexter after 8 seasons – what a joyless end. I wanted the serial killer to have a happy ending 😉
  31. I reconnected with my childhood friend Daniel (the one who’s not 90)
  32. We went to Italy for the first time – pepperoni pizza to die for

Until tomorrow…

The Moss Letter Company